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Write Your Stories for Future Generations
Write Your Stories for Future Generations

Humans are hardwired to love stories; some of our favorites come from our grandparents. If you’ve ever wished your grandparents had written down their life stories, start writing yours. And if your parents are still around, help them write theirs. It may sound daunting – putting a whole lifetime on paper – but a fresh new crop of books make it easy and fun.

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Benefits of a Senior Placement/Referral Agency

Steve Villa started a niche company in the senior market, referred to as senior placement or referral. The model is now growing nationwide. Steve talks about senior placement and why his service is benefiting so many families.

Aging is in!

Sheila Malkind has worked in the field of Aging for 50 years and started Legacy Film Series, a company distributing and renting short films on aging. She discusses aging, how elders are looked at and the mindset of seniors.

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